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Getting the best out of your bike

When should you charge your battery?

You don’t want the battery to completely run out, so recharging at 50% is advised. If the EBike is being stored during winter, when the weather is nice get it out and ride it just to keep everything working and moving. When your EBike is not in use we recommend that the battery is stored at 40-60% charge, this maintains the cells in the battery. We also recommend storing the battery indoors or somewhere where the temperature is fairly consistent.

How do I charge my EBike?

Your bike will be sold with a power adaptor and power cable to plug into the mains. There’s a socket on the battery you attach it to. Many EBikes let you remove the battery so it can be charged indoors, if you don’t have a plug elsewhere.

How can I extend the battery life?

Keeping the tyres inflated to the recommended pressure can increase battery range as much as 15%. It’s important to keep your EBike regularly serviced as items like rubbing brakes or incorrectly adjusted gears will reduce the range from your battery.

Have your ebike serviced at the powerhouse

At The Powerhouse we have a fully equipped eBike service Centre and are authorized to diagnose, service and repair any electric bike.

Pop in store with your eBike today & let us take care of the rest!

Standard Service - £59.00

Excludes the cost of parts

Full 33 point safety check including the following:

  • Frame Forks & Saddle Checked for Alignment & safety
  • Chain Checked & lubricated
  • Gears Checked & Adjusted
  • Brakes Checked & Adjusted
  • Headset Checked & adjusted
  • Wheels checked for trueness & spoke tension adjusted in Frame
  • Hubs checked & adjusted
  • Tyres checked for safety & inflated to correct pressures
  • Motor checked for correct operation
  • Road test of bike

Gold Service - £149.00

Excludes the cost of parts

Includes standard service plus:

  • Hubs Disassembled, cleaned and reassembled
  • Strip & clean of headset & repack with grease
  • Brake fluid changed
  • Wheels removed & trued in Jig for greater accuracy
  • Full wash & clean of bike
  • Pedals removed & thread cleaned & greased
  • Drivechain completely removed, cleaned & inspected degreased & refitted
  • Software update (if applicable)

Other Repairs / Services

Excludes the cost of parts

  • Drivechain Strip/clean & relubricate                           £29.00
  • Valet wash & lube                                                       £24.00
  • Brake bleed (per Brake)                                             £29.00
  • Inner tube replacement                                              £9.00
  • Fit brake Pads (Per Brake)                                         £9.00
  • Fit Gear Cable – per cable from                                £19.00
  • Fit chain & gear adjustment                                        £19.00
  • Tubeless Setup per wheel                                          £19.00
  • eBike software update/Diagnostics                            £14.00
  • Replace headset                                                         £29.00
  • Suspension fork Lower leg seal oil service                £59.00
  • Derailer hanger alignment & gear adjustment           £19.00
  • Wheel build/Rebuild                                                    £49.00
  • Spoke replacement/True Wheel                                 £24.00