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When security is art

Professional security system that leaves troubles behind the scene

The most award-winning wireless security system in Europe


Deter burglars
Recognizes fire
Detects flooding
Control appliances

Features & Benefits

  1. Wireless - Less wires means less mess and cabling on installation.

    The only unit that is mains powered is the system Hub. The Hub also has 3 options to connect to a network: GSM-slot for a sim-card, Wi-Fi and a wired LAN connection. All sensors and devices operate with batteries and send signals through the systems own secure communication channel over the air (Jeweller).
    If you are renting a property you can still protect your home or business with this wireless system with no cabling and minimal disruption to the premises

  2. Distance

    The Jeweller technology allows for long range communication with the Ajax devices and sensors. They can be mounted as far as 1 km away from the hub. Even over long distances, the sensor’s data will still be transmitted to the control panel instantly and from there to your phone or a security console.

  3. Up to 7 years battery life

    The battery lifetime of Ajax sensors is up to 7 years (dependent on usage). The system will report current charge level and continuously update the levels in the app. Rest assured, you will receive a notification before battery life becomes critical giving plenty of time arrange battery replacement.

  4. Self-managed or Remote support

    The AJAX app can control every feature of the system through your mobile.
    Whether you are home or away you can see a full audit trail of alarm activations, alerts and system settings.
    All members of your household can have access to some or all of the settings, for example you can enable children to disarm the system when they get home from school.

    If you would rather leave the management to us we can set PRO access to make any changes are updates to your system as required.

    PRO Access Control:

    With Ajax we can manage all your systems from one place using the Pro desktop software.
    We can change the volume of a siren, the entry time delay of a PIR or door sensor.

    All done with no need for a site visit.

  5. Multichannel Communication

    The Hub supports several simultaneous data transfer options – the wired LAN, Wi-Fi and a GSM network. The alarm system can be installed at premises or locations with no internet or mains power.

  6. Smart Settings

    The system is fully configurable, giving you options to manage users, notifications, schedules. Alerts can be delivered in various forms, a call, sms, push-notifications and security console pop-ups.

  7. Inseparable Communication & Security

    The sensor’s status is updated every 12 seconds. That’s the exact time for a hub to conduct a check of all connected devices, giving you immediate notification of any disruption to your system.