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Celebrating Powerhouse’s Success at the IER Awards 2023

As a leading force in the electrical retail industry, we at Powerhouse always strive to stay ahead of the curve, providing our customers with innovative products and exceptional service. The Innovative Electrical Retailing (IER) Awards is a prestigious annual event that recognises businesses that embody this spirit of innovation and customer-centricity. This year, we had... Read More

The Powerhouse of Cooling: An In-depth Look at Portable Air Conditioners versus Air Coolers

Air Conditioners vs. Air Coolers – Which is best for you? There's nothing more soothing than walking into a cool room after spending time in the scorching heat of a summer day. The relief that washes over you is almost tangible, and it's all thanks to the powerhouses of cooling: air conditioners and air coolers.... Read More

Best Lubes & Cleaning: Buying Guide For A Healthy Bike

Chain lube buyer’s guide: what’s the best chain lube for your bike? Unless you clean and lubricate the key moving parts on your bike, you run the risk of increased wear, poor performance and components completely seizing up. It need not take long but taking some time out to apply a good chain lube will... Read More