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How to choose a tumble dryer

With the summer over, temperatures are starting to drop and wetter autumnal days are on the way. The nights are drawing in too, and any washing left outside beyond late afternoon quickly gets damp. Now is the ideal time to think about buying a new tumble dryer. There are three main types of tumble dryer... Read More

Your 2018 TV Buying Guide

Thinking of buying a new TV in 2018? Join us in this comprehensive guide to TV technology, with some hand-picked buying suggestions from Sam Baldry. (source - Choosing your TV screen size In 2009, just 32% of global TV sales were accounted for by screens sized 40” or higher. Fast forward to 2016, and over 30 million... Read More

Back To School

As the long school summer holidays draw to a close, there is one thing on the mind of students and parents everywhere, back to school shopping! Whether you are a parent looking for a new desktop computer for your school-aged child, or a university student searching for the latest Mac, the choice available can be... Read More