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Best Lubes & Cleaning: Buying Guide For A Healthy Bike

Chain lube buyer’s guide: what’s the best chain lube for your bike? Unless you clean and lubricate the key moving parts on your bike, you run the risk of increased wear, poor performance and components completely seizing up. It need not take long but taking some time out to apply a good chain lube will... Read More

How to choose bicycle pumps – buyers guide

From a professional cyclist to a weekend warrior, everyone has experienced a flat tire at some point. A pump is one of the essential pieces of equipment you can have on your bicycle and will be used thousands of times over its lifespan. Well, maybe not thousands for some casual riders, but you get the... Read More

Buy with Confidence

Powerhouse has got together with Samsung to provide islanders a 'Buy with Confidence’ promise. As Gavin Murphy, Head of Retail, from Powerhouse explains, "Christmas is traditionally when a lot of customers look to purchase a new TV. The combination of a lot of family time together and the schedule of festive programmes mean more people... Read More