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Your TV is protected for 6 years from the date of purchase


In the event of a product failure, please first attempt to reset your TV by switching it off and disconnecting from the mains for at least 1 hour. If this doesn’t resolve the problem please contact Solocare.

Before you call or email Solocare, please ensure that you have the following information:

  1. Your name & postcode
  2. The make and model number of your TV
  3. A brief description of the fault
  4. The retailer where you bought the TV

If you are unable to provide this information it might delay getting your TV repaired. If no proof of purchase can be produced by either yourself or the retailer then we reserve the right to refuse the services as detailed in this document.

For the quickest response please email Solocare

Call Solocare

  • You can leave us a message on 03331 125 511 (calls to this number should cost no more than a national rate call)
    • Sunday to Thursday – We will reply to your call within 24 hours
    • Friday & Saturday – We will reply to your call on Monday


  1. An application for repair will only be considered where the equipment is no longer covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.
  2. If there is no fault found with the product, you will be liable for the cost of inspection.
  3. It is recommended that you back up any data files regularly, as we will not be held responsible for restoring any data files in the event of product breakdown.
  4. If there is any other insurance plan or plan covering the product under which you are entitled to claim, Solocare may only pay an appropriate proportion.
  5. We are not responsible for any delay in the supply of spare parts by manufacturers.
  6. After the manufacturer’s warranty period, any repair attempted by a third party without the written approval by Solocare will result in the cancellation of your plan and all benefits from this plan will cease.
  7. If you move address, you must inform Solocare in writing.


If Solocare decides the product to be beyond economic repair, we will:

  1. Endeavour to replace your equipment with equipment of the same or similar make and specification. If you wish for the old product to be removed in line with the WEEE Directive, a nominal fee of £30 will be payable by you
  2. Where the replacement is via one of our approved suppliers, we will arrange the delivery of the replacement product
  3. If a product is beyond economic repair and we are unable to provide a replacement a financial settlement will be made; whereupon all benefits from this plan will cease. We will base our settlement on the replacement cost of a product of similar specification, at the time of breakdown
  4. Solocare reserves the right to replace your product with an equivalent product in terms of specification and age
  5. If Solocare replaces your TV then your plan will be transferred to your new TV with no change to the end date.


Your Plan provides cover against mechanical/electrical failure of the product identified in the Plan.

Cover includes the following:

If the engineer is able to repair your product we will cover:

  1. Parts – the cost of the parts that have failed.
  2. Labour – The cost of labour required to repair the product.


The following exclusions are applicable to your Protection Plan:

  1. Mechanical or electrical breakdown which relates to a manufacturer recall.
  2. Claims arising from accidental damage of the product.
  3. Claims arising from normal wear and tear.
  4. Faults relating to the installation of the product.
  5. Damage that is deemed by Solocare to be as a result of:
    1. Accidental damage of any type (including damage to connecting cables)
    2. Damage caused by foreign objects or substances
    3. Failure to comply with the manufacturer’s instructions in relation to care of the product, or to complete any routine service requirements which results in damage to the product.
    4. Image retention on screens (commonly known as screen burn)
    5. Software loss or failure.
    6. Cosmetic damage.
    7. Deliberate damage or neglect of the product. Your equipment must not have been stolen, misused or neglected.
    8. The failure of the equipment to operate as required, due to the withdrawal of a third party service.
    9. The replacement of consumer durables e.g. batteries, HDMI leads or any peripherals.
    10. Operational issues that are not deemed to be a failure.
    11. Retuning or software updates
  6. Your product must be used in a domestic environment. Products that have been installed in a commercial environment or have been installed in a situation where the level of use is deemed beyond normal domestic use are not covered by this plan.
  7. A claim relating to manufacturer software updates.
  8. A claim caused by inadequate ventilation of the product or exposure to excessive heat or cold.
  9. Where you request additional work to be completed or the replacement of any parts that have not failed.
  10. A claim as a result from the interruption, surge, disconnection or failure of the power supply to your home.
  11. The product must not be subject to a current product recall by the manufacturer.
  12. The equipment must be repaired in the UK unless prior agreement is provided from Solocare.
  13. If you or anyone else makes a false or dishonest claim under the protection plan, your cover will not be valid and all benefits from this plan will cease.